Saturday, September 8, 2007

Redhead Kingpin

Redheads have been part of genetics since Genesis of Biblical documentation. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Esau, King David, Jesus; ALL were redheads. The key to God's choice of the Kings of Israel (Jacob) and the descendants of Aaron, Moses and the Holy priesthood of the Israelites was red hair, red beards and is so today. The red-haired gene is the predominant gene of the Israelite tribes of Levi and Judah.

Redheads are inclined to higher spiritual connections, higher intelligence and greater wisdom from a Divine source. Chances are that the typical "evil inclination" towards red-haired people came from neo-platonic sources and the rise of the Papacy as the new religion of the world. The discrimination, prejudice and xenophobia towards red-haired people was partly based on the political plot of eradication of any and all possible descendants of Levi & Judah. Fortunately the genes were established throughout the known world before the Inquisitions & Crusades.

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